World of Darkness: Africa

John Depeche Prelude Session 3

WoD Africa

WoD Africa
John Depeche’s Prelude

Session 3: Grand Finale

Scene Picking Up the Pieces:
The stench of the freshly dead fills John’s lungs at a slaughterhouse that used to be a Russian safehouse on Bleecker st. The sight of the freshly slain corpses threatens his rising gorge, as he also notices that the same INS criminal previously spotted in the old HQ, is scattered about in pieces on the floor, with only the severed head relatively intact. John gets a text from his dad “Lucy’s inconsolable, says a ‘strange man’ won’t leave her alone.” John texts back, “I’m on my way, where are you?” John’s dad texts back, John calls for backup, cuffs the lone intact Russian to a streetlight, then speeds off for an hour and a half drive to find Lucy at his dad’s house. Richard Clear orders the unit to come and cordon off the slaughterhouse, and waves John’s responsibility to remain at the scene.

Scene Reunited:
As John bursts through the door to his dad’s house, Lucy sobs, wails, and covers her ears. “Make them stop, daddy, make the voices stop!!!” She points next to the head of her bed, and says, “don’t you see the man there?” “There’s a big blonde man there, I think he’s from Russia, and he’s got a trench coat and a gun!” “He keeps telling me that bad things are gonna happen, and I keep seeing him dying in prison!” John carries Lucy out of the room, to run into his dad, who points out track marks on her leg from Riccardo shooting her up. John takes pictures of the track marks.

Scene the Decision:
John’s phone suddenly dials itself to a number, and sets to speaker. John hears a cacophony of howls, grunts and gurgles, and then a hollow voice booms out “I know who you are now.” John attempts to redial, but the number is out of service. John gives Lucy to his dad temporarily, only to receive two calls at once. Richard Clear is answered first, giving him info on a warehouse near the piers that may contain the majority of the new crystal meth. Then Harlowe calls, offering up a warning that New York is on the verge of collapse, and offering to meet. John agrees to meet with Harlowe, and is reluctantly forced to take Lucy along with him. Lucy, in a strange, deeper voice, “you’re running out of time, John.” John questions Lucy, to get some babble about a bad thing, and questions his dad about Lucy. Ever since about last night Lucy has apparently been seeing things and talking about John’s case. John, reluctantly forced to take Lucy along with him, drives to the Blue Moon cafe to meet with Harlowe Thrombe. John gets Lucy some food along the way, Lucy is famished and grateful. Lucy is questioned, talks about seeing the Russian even before he was dead, after the Russian killed Riccardo. She talks about ‘bad people’ threatening her, carving ghostly symbols in the walls of her room, coming across the ocean. She then mentions ‘Ducky’, John’s friend Dokey.

Scene 4b the Meeting part 3:
Lucy wakes up as John carries her in and orders her a hot chocolate. Harlowe tries to flag down John immediately, gets some guff for it. Harlowe “I know I’m not….your favorite person. I know you don’t…trust me very far.” John “Well, trust is hard to come by these days, what is it you’ve got for me?” Harlowe “I got word, from a reliable source, that New York is going down tonight, like, down, and never getting’ back up again.” John “Do you know how unbelievable that is?” Harlowe “I thought you and the boys in blue could prepare some emergency response thing.” Harlowe defends his source and info, while not having any specifics or revealing said source. John points out that hundreds of thousands of people would be killed in the panic, and that they are ill-equipped to deal with a vague disaster, though he appreciates the info. Lucy brightens up, and says “Here daddy, maybe this’ll help!” Lucy drapes her hand across John’s forehead, lightly. John stops panicking as he finds himself floating above New York, settles into a calm. John floats higher, above the cloud level, flys to Northern Africa, to see a river of souls swirling out from a rip in reality, flying towards New York. John is taken aback, as he is suddenly returned to his body. John “What the hell was that?” Lucy “I don’t know, daddy, Ducky says sometimes you’re too blocked, and you need me to help you get messages.” John “How long have you been able to do that?” Lucy “I didn’t know that I could do anything, people are telling me to help you.” John “Ask Dokey if there’s anything I can do to avert this crisis.” Lucy’s eyes roll back in her head, then she returns to normal, and says “There isn’t anything you can do to stop it, but Du-Dokey says you can help stop the violence. He says there’ll be violence in the streets.” John “Oh, riots. I gotta, I gotta go talk to the man over there, uh, a soda for her, please.” John thanks Harlowe coldly for the tip, Harlowe advertises that he won’t be around for awhile, but that he won’t leave New York. John “You know what I think? Something tells me your inside source, is part of what’s goin’ down tonight, and I don’t appreciate you holdin’ out on us.” Harlowe brushes him off, John jostles Harlowe on his way out, gathers up Lucy, and heads to the car and starts driving. John advises Richard of the situation as he is about to bust the warehouse. He uses the La Chupacabra as a cover to advise Richard of the incoming riots. John makes sure the important officials are out of town as well. Richard thanks John, calls in all units.

Scene Brothers in Arms:
Lucy gets John to leave the car as a buzzing in his head signals the onset of possession among everyone else. They weave through streets and alleyways, as people start fighting each other, eating themselves, and various other disturbing actions. She leads him as Dokey’s ghost leads her to a burning church, where Grant Stone is passed out next to the body of the homeless person he inadvertently killed, blood pooling about his head, as the city erupts in riots and swat teams descend from helicopters.



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