Don(real name unknown)

A friendly, family-oriented mafia leader who was secretly prepared to sell out his family for protection should the need arise. Took in Grant and his father before him, turned them into "made men."


Not applicable. Deceased.


A prominent Sicilian during one of the heydays of the italian mafias in Europe, the Don(AKA Donatello after the ninja turtle for his loveable demeanor and merit-approach) was disgusted by their elitism and set out carving himself a niche in the gritty streets of New York by way of a meritocracy mafia, which quickly outstripped most ethnic mafias due to it’s inclusiveness and became a veritable power bloc in the New York underworld. He recruited Grant’s father as his right hand man in the beginning, and in turn Grant’s father recruited him into what was now the family business. Captured by cultists led by Fellowes and Russian mafia under him, taken to the church and incinerated. Kept tapes on all his family.

Don(real name unknown)

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