World of Darkness: Africa

Grant Stone Prelude Session 6

Grant Stone Prelude Finale

Setup: 8:45 pm 30, August 2009 Story: World of Darkness – Africa Teller: Ian RC Williams Chapter 1: Grant’s Prelude Session 5: Welcome to Hell

Pre-game: Grant has 9 or 10 unspent exp. Dan is buying perks for Grant: Knife Fighting, Combat Marksmanship, Sniping, and a pistol. “Sure, I trust your character building.” -Ian

  • session begins: 8:45 pm * You wake up in your apartment. It is a grey, overcast day. You see a small cat on the coffee table in your apartment. The white kitten stares at you, peering deep in your soul. “Grant looks suspiciously at the windows. When he looks, the cat is at the window. -Knock Knock “You see two men at the downstairs door .” Grant holsters two pistols and conceals with trench-coat. “This is the FBI.” “No offense, ID please?” They show credentials. “What can I do for you?” “Can we come in? This is a private affair.” “Ya, come on in. “We are here to offer protection. You are last of your “Family” and are in great danger.” Protection will be jail, We need you to testify, your reward will be amnesty.” “Testify against who?” “The other mafia families.” “You know for sure the Don is dead?” “We don’t know his whereabouts.” “You said I was only survivor?” Silence, eye twitches. “We offer a sweet deal. There is a car out back.” Deputy looks back, nervous. Grant stands , mulls over thoughtfully. “I agree, under the condition I will not implicate my family.” Sigh, “Very well, for your own protection, you will need to be handcuffed.” As they lead Grant outside, he feels a buzz in his head, like a switch is flipped. Helicopters drop sniper teams onto nearby roofs. In drives truckloads of Russian Mafia, a terrible firefight begins. Riots begin everywhere in the streets. “What is going on?” “We don’t know. We got a tip, but didn’t know how to prevent it.” Grant is taken into the station and sworn in. Suddenly, the guard patting him down stops and says, “You have a phone call.” Grant takes the ringing phone in a private booth. “Hey, it’s me, Harlowe. I heard you are looking for someone.” “I might be. Have you found someone?” “I may have. What have you got to trade? I heard you are turning yourself in. I want amnesty, damnit!” “I can’t give you that, you’ll have to talk to the detectives.” “Well, just leave me out of your story.” “Sure man, you are safe. I won’t rat any of the family out.” “I know where the Don is.” “Do you now?” “Take the sewer to the fat-man’s gambling den in the forest of the park. You can get there from the sewer grate. I’ve got someone who can show you the way. Bye.” As grant exits the booth, the officer comes close to Grant. “I’ve got you a new security detail, it should help you feel safe.” Grant gets the sense that this officer is a ‘family’ man. Cop takes him to a briefing room, locks the door behind them. Grant sees a camera in the corner, it is hard to tell whether it is on or not. Knock on the door behind them. “Everything okay in there?” Cop gestures towards the sewer grate, “Go on!” he urges. Grant goes into the sewer, cop follows and covers retreat. Cop leads along an arduous trek through the sewers. They come to an opening, and the cop leads up the manhole. Grant looks around him, finding himself in the wooded city park. The cop leads a little through the trees, and they come to a decrepit mausoleum. Cop pulls on a loose brick, and the whole building raises up, revealing a hidden entrance under ground. There is a neon sign that advertises “Dancing Girls!!” Grant walks in. There are people at craps and roulette, keno machines and a bar. Three titty-dancers strut around a stage. The throng of people look affluent and well-connected. Cop leads to a single glass door with a metal frame, tucked away at the back of the den. He motions to the door, but does not open it. Grant heads to the door. As he opens it, he sees two guys that are three people wide, each. They are seven feet tall with bald heads, mirror shades, and big black shotguns. Another man in a purple polyester suit and tie sits at a desk between them. “I heard you wanted to see me,” the man says in a deep, smooth baritone. “I do, assuming you are the man to find what I want,” Grant replies cooly. “What is it that you want? I assume there will be no quibbling about money.” “I’m looking for the boss.” “You’re Grant Stone, so-and-so’s son. I hear you are the pup-heir to the Don’s throne.” “I am here to protect that.” “Better get to your point, kid.” “I’m here to find the Don.” “Sure, I can help you, but I need one thing. Kill that rat-bastard Harlowe. He’s in with the DA’s office, and an informant. Been ratting on both families for years.” “Got proof?” “Remember the missing tapes from the Don’s?” The fat-man throws Grant a cassette. “I found this in his office. It is addressed to the FBI. He has more, but I bought him off instead.” The fat-man leans back in his chair, puts his fingers together. “Word is, the Don is being held at the Lutherin Church. You know… the old masonic lodge. It’s not too far from your first hit at the amusement park.” “You’ve got yourself a deal. I appreciate this.” “If you like, you don’t have to kill him straight up. Challenge him to a game of russian roulette. Here, take this,” he says as he hands Grant a revolver, three chambers loaded. “there is a car outside for you. The driver will take you where you need to go.” Grant nods, and heads outside.
  • break: 10:20 pm
  • resume from break: 10:40 Grant is driven to the church, it is a huge cathedral in gothic style with stained glass windows. He circles around the building, finding a alcove back entrance leading into the basement. Door swings open silently into pitch darkness. He shines his maglight around, sees nothing. He hears chanting coming from upstairs. He climbs old stairs quietly, opens door at top. Sees black hooded figures, two rows deep, surrounding a large pentagram on the floor. Standing on a platform slightly above them, seven heavily armed russian thugs and the Don standing among them. Sees Fellows leading the chant in Latin. On the pentagram is the mutilated corpse of the Mouth, contorted and covered in a pool of blood. He pulls both pistols, and takes very careful aim at Fellows’s head. Just as he has picked his shot, the chanting comes to a close and the pentagram glows bright red. The roar of the pistols fills the room as brain and blood spray out of Fellows’s head. Fellows collapses to his knees as thugs turn and open fire. Grant dodges rain of bullets and retreats momentarily down the stairs. “Stop!” Bullets cease. “I want him to see! Grantieee.” Then a familiar female voice from upstairs. “Grant?” Grant feels searing heat wave from upstairs, hears crackling and hideous screams. He edges back up stairs, sees Fellows with an altered appearance. He appears with golden-red hair, is enveloped in flames; his claws rake the air and a tail lashes behind him. The hooded figures, his sister, and the Don are rolling on the floor covered in flames. Despite their efforts, fire grows larger and hotter. He wrestles with his composure, then fires both pistols full bore at Fellows. Fellows staggers backwards and screams horrifically. “I will make you watch,” he screams. Fellows grabs the Don and Grant’s sister in a big bear hug. They are both incinerated, then he collapses. Grant empties the clips, then runs outside.
  • another break, as computer rapes itself As he gets to the lawn, from nowhere a beggar runs at him with a broken bottle. Grant parries, managing to grab arm and slam him to the ground. Riots are all around him, animals fighting on hind legs, people ripping each other apart, bone and sinew, with their bare hands. Grant rolls beggar over, drops his pistols and shakes him violently against the sidewalk. “What! The! Hell! Is! Going! On?” He falls over, vision clouds, and passes out.
  • session end: 12:08 gain 3 Exp **

post session notes:

1. Grant’s demon was summoned accidentally through the pentagram intended for a recruitment demon. Grant’s demon is a rival to fellows demon. 2. Grant Stone is no longer a demon actually, as we had decided he is already too full a character.



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