World of Darkness: Africa

John Depeche Prelude Session 1

John Depeche

WoD Africa John Depeche’s Prelude

Session 1: the Meeting

Scene Intro: John Depeche goes blank mid-briefing, is assigned to the local street gang La Chupacabra. They are dealing in a new “super” crystal meth. John is assigned and ordered to meet with an FBI contact, Bob Anderson at the Blue Moon Cafe in Manhattan discreetly. John: “I spend more time maintaining relationships than out in the field, I swear.” The only sample was used by an officer they let go, one Rachel Dawes. The super crystal meth is made from a cantaloupe-like plant in South America according to the department’s sources. In the building: Angela Ashford, cryptology and occult, flirty blonde. Richard Clear, John’s boss, hates drug traffickers specifically. On the Team: Raymond Niven, Homicide; Dokey, midget hacker, Sarah Sheppard, AKA Buffy, mistress of disguise and infiltration, Kelly Davinko, Rookie pert asian woman; Jack Crawford, Criminal Psychology and Forensics.

Dokey assigned to research the drug, Buffy and Kelly to the bar for carousing/intel gathering, Jack and Raymond to Jonas Salt. John changes into modest casual business clothes and an overcoat. He takes a cab to the Blue Moon Cafe.

Scene The Meeting Part 1: John hears a whisper with no origin “what is that under his coat?” and after looking around spots a big russian with what is unmistakably an automatic weapon under his coat, eating lunch. Just then, before he can fully react, Bob Anderson, a smug FBI agent with a hotshot poise arrives. John returns it with masked genial contempt. FBI has known about the drug for awhile, but only brought it to the task force’s attention after several intelligence agencies(unspecified) botched the task. Known facts about the drug: Long term exposure is always fatal, there are 3 strains, addicting beyond other drugs, augments the body’s physical capabilities, highly expensive compared to Cocaine to produce, made in South America. The supply, merely shipped here from South America, to the local gangs and mafias, is offered as a chance to corner the drug market. Supply lines are unknown, border patrol has not been notified as to not upset the shipments. Bob takes full credit and insinuates they hardly need the help. The most local of dealers is La Chupacabra. The waitress is a cute, shy petite blonde, John tips her to gain info on the Russian. He finds out that the Russian has been showing up almost every day for the last two weeks. John goes to the bathroom, texts Dokey “Fed knows more than they’re letting on, Investigate secret govt drug trials.”

Scene Home Again, Home Again: John catches a bus to a different part of town, before hailing a cab back to the office. John takes some back stairs to the office, and slips into Internal Affairs office, a phone is off the hook beeping. John notices noone is around in the office as he sneaks in. He gets the name of the officer who took the drug, Rachel Dawes, then sneaks out again. He knocks on his bosses office, and sees a figure wreathed in darkness and cigar smoke. Richard is afraid he’s going to get written up for smoking in his office. The team hasn’t returned from their expeditions yet, but Dokey is mysteriously missing. Kelly got smashed and had to be dropped off at her house. John: “That figures, I don’t know what the hell you’re doing saddling me with her anyway.” Richard: slams his hand on the desk. “It’s not my decision goddamnit!” John: “Can’t you get a secretary or something, we’re always in need of a good secretary.” Richard: reminded of his extra-marital affairs, public around the office, steeples his fingers and glares at John. Richard: “as I was sayin’ , Dokey I can’t account for however.” Richard: “Not my problem. Go do your work, detective.” John: “Man, sometimes I gotta wonder who’s running this place.”

Dokey’s monitor has a hairline crack across it, and his desk lamp is knocked over, shattered. Jack’s desk has scribbles about the reporter, ruminations. John attempts to call Dokey from the office phone. A brief “Hello” with a Russian accent and then a click. John calls Jack, all he has is stock quotes for tomorrow’s stock market. Jack hasn’t heard from anyone until now. John orders them to treat the office like a crime scene.

Scene Beatin’ the Streets: John goes down to the car park and goes to get in an unmarked patrol car, when he notices a streak of brown on one of the otherwise (black mercury sedan) unmarked cars. After checking underneath it he inspects the key scratch, and discovers brown paint underneath the black coat, which looks fresh. Someone has switched cars!! The car also has a different license plate. John checks the other car he was taking, but it looks intact. John travels to Rachel’s last known address, a tenement slum. He grabs a clipboard of random papers , and walks into the manager’s offfice, adopting a severe attitude. A portly, balding man with a mustache who automatically assumes John is from the fair housing bureau, and babbles about there being no stinkin’ rats, only cockroaches. John inspects the place she was at 3 months ago, briefly, and finds nothing of value(Gm failure). Rachel left no forwarding address and got her deposit when she left. John: “You better make sure that when the other man comes around next week, there ain’t no imaginary rats around.” John abruptly shakes the man’s hand and departs. John calls the DMV, and runs the plates and VIN of the switched car. The vehicle is registered to a Vinny Sanchez, wanted for GTA and extortion, located at 550 Orchard Grove. Vinny is a go-to man for Gangs. John goes back to the Agency to use their call tap & trace equipment. When John returns, the rest of his team(minus Dokey) are back. Jack says that Jonas was full of stories about the world’s end. Jack checked his computer and found a sheet of mafia income in the downloads section. Jack also notifies John about the Orphans, a martial arts gang in a blood feud with La Chupacabra, who run all the dojos on the west side of New York. They run a protection racket, but usually don’t deal in drugs. John offers up side work on the streets, but only Jack bites. Angela offers up a strange, cryptic book written in Latin, Syrian Aramaic, and Arabic, which she’s been researching after it was found at a local murder site. John attempts to track Dokey’s phone with the tap & trace. (a pause as Joel looks to the Gm for advice, and I flounder with indecision, the first of many times I leave him lost and floundering) John and Jack finally hits the streets, find an old druggie beggar. He attempts to intimidate the man(but the dice hate Joel). He questions him about drug runners and threatens arrest. The beggar offers up Hollis Mason, a local mechanic, as a source of information. John and Jack pass as middle class. Hollis is blasting some AC/DC. John pulls up the rap sheets of Hollis Mason , and attempts to call Dokey’s cell phone again, with no reply. Hollis is talking with a mafioso in a pin-stripe business suit with a pistol in his pocket. John eavesdrops and hears them talking about a bank job and other illicit activities, and an envelope is passed to Hollis. *Forgetting to check the tape, we resumed the session on the next scene, without ever talking to Hollis in person, thus scene ends pointlessly*

Scene The Meeting Part 2: Evening is coming, John receives a call from his boss, is ordered back to the station. John and Jack head back. John checks to make sure the switched car is still there. After returning, John makes small talk with Angela for a minute. Richard orders John’s ex-wife Helen brought in, and glares at John. Richard: “I suggest you deal with her.” John: “Who the hell interrogated her?” Helen is obviously in pain, and has track marks up and down both arms. John: holds her up woodenly, as she collapses into his arms. Helen has bruises and other signs of domestic abuse. Richard admits he had an Internal Affairs interrogate her. John: “Helen, where the hell is Lucy(their daughter)?” Helen admits that she’s been seeing a La Chupacabra named Riccardo, obviously the one beating her. Also that she came to John for aid. Helen falls to her knees and grabs John. John is unsympathetic, dials 911 and sends for an ambulance to take Helen. John and Jack grab Helen, haul her to the curb, load her into the ambulance. On the way down, John finds out that Riccardo is alone with Lucy at their old house. John finds out that Helen is doing the new crystal meth at their house. 132 Kirby St(address of their old house). John claims no relationship with Helen, merely gives a rundown of her problems to the ambulance. John and Jack head over to John’s old house. It’s an older grey house, peeling paint, one-car garage, dilapidated from the seven years John lived there and the 5 that Helen did after he left. John parks, checks his pistol magazine, takes off the safety, and readies his trench knife for quick draw. John: “Fuck, just looking at this place makes me feel miserable again.” Jack: smirks and nods. Gangsta rap blares from the house, along with humming. John peers through the window, sees a hispanic man in his early 20’s wearing a wife-beater with tattoos and scars, whittling on a piece of furniture with a knife, sitting in John’s old Lazy Boy recliner, about 5’9” and muscular. John draws his knife, tries the door, counts to three, opens the door. He strides into the room, while Jack flanks him. Riccardo: “What you want, hey, essai, I’ll cut you good.” Jack goes to get Lucy and Riccardo bolts for the back door. John and Jack pursue, but the dice hate Joel, so he continually rounds a corner to see Riccardo at the next corner. John gives up on the chase and goes back to secure Lucy. Lucy is crying in the back room, brightens up when he calls. John smooths his clothes, and puts the knife away to not scare her. John reunites with Lucy, gathers up her things, gets a carseat out of an old, tireless Ford Explorer, and heads out to his parents’ house. John reconnects a bit with his distant parents, and drops Lucy off. John makes small talk with Jack along the way, and fills his parents in briefly on the situation when he gets there. John drops Jack off, goes home, gets to sleep, only to get a call from Angela at 3 am. She informs him that a crazy Russian babbling about voices killed Riccardo in a back alley. John also warns Angela to be careful.



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