World of Darkness: Africa

John Depeche Prelude Session 2

John Depeche

WoD Africa John Depeche’s prelude

Session 2: Upping the Stakes

Scene the Morning After: John awakes, blinks sleep out of his eyes, and notices a small brown paper package has been pushed through his mail slot. It is about 11:30 am. John picks up the package, looks it over, sets it on the counter, goes through the motions of coffee, bathroom, shower. John inspects the package, it rattles when shaken and has a whiff of lime about it. John calls the bomb squad, brings in his package. The package is about 3 inches tall and eight inches wide, wrapped in brown paper. Roger Samson(bomb squad) scans the package with electronics, finds nothing, finally opens the package in a safe room, only to find ten fingers and some lime to prevent decomposure. Also inside it is a blood-stained grocery receipt with a note that says “Naughty Fingers”. John calls pathology, assigns them the fingers. John then gets a text from the boss(this session played by Dan), “head back to the office.” John is working out the implications of such a package on the way over.

Scene Office Space: The office is in chaos, with people running around and printers churning out papers. Richard informs John that an internal affairs criminal has been spotted in the building and that a bomb threat has been issued to the Agency. The place is in such an uproar because it’s being evacuated. The bomb threats promise to detonate the office tomorrow night. Dokey’s cell phone was found last afternoon in a dumpster on 42nd and Bleecker. The rest of his team are already evacuated to the new temporary hq at an office building and are working on the crystal meth again. John picks up on the fact that there is a mole in the office. He takes extra ammunition for his pistol. The last thing he hears as he walks out of the office is the booming voice of Chief Clear bellowing orders at idiots.

Scene Dirty Work: John heads over to the Blue Moon Cafe, looks for the Russian that was there before is absent, but a different, short lean Russian is there. The new Russian is tattooed and muscular, and John waits for him to leave. After 45 minutes the Russian heads to a car, and John tails him to Bleecker st. Bleecker st is as deserted as a ghost town for being in New York City. John then attempts to intimidate the new Russian into talking, the Russian attempts to placate him with false credentials. After an unsuccessful bit of this, he gets a call from Chief Clear. On the upside, Harlowe has info about the Russians, on the downside, the fingers are Dokey’s, also that there is indeed a mole in his unit. After abandoning the Russian he was intimidating and calling Harlowe, he finds that the Russians are apparently holed up at a Safehouse on 222 Bleecker st. John calls out Harlowe a bit on his involvement with corruption. Russian heads over to the flat while John is preoccupied.

Scene the Safehouse: John walks over to the Safehouse, only to see the Russian he was harassing, stumble out of the flat and throw up. John karate chops him, and goes inside. You see, arrayed about, with their heads severed from the bodies, sprawled on the floor, 16 Russians who were holding automatic weapons. Also on the walls, smeared in blood, is the message “How’s Lucy?”

Gm’s Note: Next session I will shoot for more player choice, defining moments, and personal triumphs for John Depeche.



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